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: hundreds of homes and cars left partially submerged. >> if they don't know how to cross that water, it will get you in the ditch. >> reporter: in austin, rushing waters flooded the roadways. most drivers played it safe -- >> okay, here we go. >> reporter: while others dangerously navigated through streets overtaken by floodwaters. >> we're pushing them out. >> reporter: even pushing vehicles stalled by the rapid currents. the city's iconic downtown statue up to its waist in water symbolizes the immense power of this halloween storm. as this large cold front moves east, packing wons as high as 60 miles an hour, it may snarl air travel and cause major headaches in cities up and down the i-95 corridor. >> we showed you the storm damage in the mid-atlantic and the midwest. we see the spread even farther into the northeast today. look at the wind advisories and high wind warnings we're expecting in the northeast and mid-atlantic. also travel delays will be a big concern. also severe thunderstorm watches are going to be up in the mid-atlantic today. definitely powerful thunderstorms stil
me to listen for what you don't hear said. what do we see? >> it's a close race. the state hasn't gone republican for president since 1984. it's a close race. hillary clinton ahead by four points. chris christie's message to republicans can be i can guarantee new jersey but if he's competitive in new jersey he's competitive in places like pennsylvania and ohio as well. these are the races up in 2014 republican governors. iowa that's up, there's a place called ohio that's up, there's a place called south carolina that's up. you know where i'm going here. he'll get a chance to test his appeal in the states that matter most when we pick presidents. >> very interesting, john. thank you for breaking it down on a night he just crushes it. it's a race before the race begins. >> a lot to learn from those exit polls. a closely watched republican primary race in alabama has gone to the establishment candidate, former state senator bradley byrne beat dean young in a runoff that was considered a test of the tea party following the government shutdown last month. >> lots of interesting ballo
of inspiration in hope that someone will see. >> we don't have enough water, even though we are not sure it is clean and safe, we still drink it because we need to survive. >> reporter: the warden of this local city jail says they ran out of food. the inmates threatened a mass breakout as one stands on the roof of the prison ready to jump. haiyan victims dangerously take gas as transportation out of the destruction is vital for their survival. thousands uncertain of when aid will reach them. and so many people are now trying to leave this devastation zone. the cues are getting bigger here at the airport for people trying to get on any sort of transport out of this area. it can be a chaotic scene, kate, when the gates open, people trying to keep in order but that order 0 often breaks down. people want to get away. there is no reason to stay here. but it's really the lucky few who can get away. most people qun afford to, don't know how to get away. relief is at least coming here. what is going on further down the coast? those towns and villages we still haven't heard anything about. >> we
on the individual market and some are losing their plans as insurance companies cancel policies that don't meet tough new obama care standards. >> we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place. i want to do everything we can to make sure that people are finding themselves in a good position, a better position than they were before this law happened. >> reporter: the president said most people getting cancellation letters will be able to get new plans at the same price or cheaper on the new marketplaces. he stuck to his latest promise, that the healthcare.gov website will be fixed by the end of the month. >> it's better than it was last week, certainly better than october 1st. i'm confident it will be even better by november 30th and the majority of people will be able to get on there and enroll. >> reporter: obama's apology come as a bipartisan pair of senators filed legislation thursday to delay for a year the fine to be levied on people who don't buy health insurance by the end of march, citing the problems with the website. west virginia democrat joe m
and implementation are saying, wait a minute, don't throw your exchange at this. >> to chris' larger point here, look, this is an inherently, this is why complex can be incredibly difficult. comprehensive is unwise. we do things better on a local level in this country, but because so many people politically want the cure to long-term kill the aca, that's why everyone needs to keep their powder dry. the administration by pivoting is making a political concession, it's a practical concession that doesn't necessarily mean the end of this. there are a lot of crocodile tears from politicians and insurance companies on this. everyone, take a deep breath, and this is probably a wiser political and practical move for the vast majority of people. >> take a deep breath but don't start hyper ventilating. >> don't, because that's not covered by obama care. >> i've been waiting for that all day. >> i'm going to say it ten times today. >> get ready for it. >>> we'll get to the other headlines making news. international money transfers are under the watchful eye of the cia. the vast majority of them are said to be
are put in the context, i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised. but people don't know how john and i communicate to one another. >> reporter: incognito talked up his use of the n-word to locker room rapport. >> i'm not a racist. to judge me by that one word is wrong. there is a lot of colorful words thrown around the locker room that we don't use in every day life t. fact of the matter remains, though, that that voice mail was left on a private voice mail for my friend and it was a joke. >> reporter: incognito says he and martin have exchanged 1,142 text messages in the past year and continue to communicate as the scandal plays out. >> he texted me and said, i don't blame you guys. i blame some stuff in the locker room. i blame the culture. i blame what was going on around me and when all this stuff got going, swirling and bullying got attached to it and my name got attached to him. i texted him as a friend, what's up with this, man? he said, it's not coming from me. i haven't said anything to anybody. i'm like, okay. as his best friend on the team, that's what had me miffed, h
pointing out they have had a record-breaking year because of opening up early yesterday. dorngs don, we did speak with the l.a.p.d. and they are anticipating a lot of people. >>> we are going to talk with bill simon and terry lundgren. >>> good morning. we are following breaking news overnight in missouri. a pipeline explosion rocked the small town of ustonia. officials say there was a rupture at a compressor. an official says there were no fatalities or injuries. the cause is still under investigation. >>> officials promising to investigate an air strike that hit thursday in afghanistan. local officials in helmand province claim a child was killed. this is coming at a sensitive time as washington and kabul tried to determine the future role of u.s. troops in afghanistan. president karzai saying the latest strike shows that the u.s. doesn't care about civilians and that if there are more attacks, he won't sign a security pact. now, to iran, the country is taking the first tangible step it's to abide by the nuclear agreement it reached with the west last weekend. they are inviting inspectors
want. they don't foe rob ford. >> does he think he's an addict in the latest coming up. >> this is "new day." >> good morning welcome to "new day." it is monday, november 18th. we are in washington county, 6:00 in the east. 5:00 central time. much of the u.s. will wake up to a new reality after the late season tornadoes in 20 years hit late yesterday. >> it's amazing, that devastation is amazing. we will be talking this morning with our exclusive interview with rob ford and a look at wall street as well, the dow could hit a new milestone, we'll tell you about your investments. first, back to the big story you are following, chris. >> reporter: the headline is, kate, massive storms, big twisters leaving a trail of destruction across several states. we're coming to you as i said from washington, ill foy this morning. it's a community of about 15,000 about 150 miles or so from chicago. you are looking at the pictures of the damage. it is extraordinary. i will give uconn text behind me, what you see are torn up trees and homes. i want to show you the google map. do we have
the obama administration. >> in summary, this is a power grab. >> reporter: angry republicans don't necessarily dispute democrats' statistics about nominees they have blocked, instead they find to how many judges they have confirmed, 215 and rejected 5. the president opposed this tactic as a senator when democrats were in the minority. >> if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, the fighting and bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse. >> reporter: he's changed his tune, too. >> the vote today i think is an indication that a majority of senators believe, as i believe, that enough is enough. >> reporter: democrats say they get that this landmark rules change benefits them now but could hurt them someday when they lose control of the senate and end up back in the minority. they essentially say they really don't have any choice, they prefer to take that risk rather than deal with what they called continued obstruction now. chris and kate? >> all right, dana, thanks so much for that. joining us now to talk more about it is cnn political analyst a
the system make its way offshore. don't let this fool you, the heavy winds will still be out there. we're expecting travel delays in the air through thursday as the system does make its way out of the region. with that we're still talking about concerns for first the rain and the heavy snow. behind that will be all the trouble with the wind, kate. >> a one, two, three punch of weather right noul. some of the nation's busiest airports, probably not surprisingly could soon become temporary home to thousands of frustrates holiday travelers. airline officials are preparing for the worst case scenario. delta and u.s. airways already waiving fees for changed flights. rene marsh is at dulles airport. >> reporter: the bottom line for air travel is even if snow is not headed your way, heavy rain and strong winds will definitely stir up trouble for travelers. we did a quick check this morning. there are no major, massive delays and cancellations at this hour but, of course, that could change. been there, done that. dulles airport revved up these snowplows during the last snowstorm in march. toda
, but i would agree for the get it over with, get it done. >> i don't. i think the families should really be left alone. >> many fear the release of new details will open fresh wounds for a community still trying to heal. this is what remains of sandy hook elementary school. bulldozers began a demolition in september, they hope it will replace painful nem memories to rebuild for the future. the family of the mrs. de soto, the statement reads in part, we have read the report, no, we cannot make sense of why it happened, we don't know if anyone ever will. we don't know if we will ever be whole again. certainly understandable and you know, chris, kate, we know from the autopsy report that if shooter here had no drugs in his system, but was he under psychiatric care? we may never find out. the family put a hold on that information. was it important, we want to find out. was he seeing someone, was he supposed to be taking medication, if not, why not? >> i think not having meds in his system is more telling, clearly, he needed some type of supervisors, some type of treatment. it goes to the lar
is how do you keep that from becoming a major distraction over the next couple of years? >> yes, i don't get distracted very easily. it takes a lot to distract me. and i think the way it won't be a distraction is i simply won't let it. >> reporter: coming off his landslide victory in which he won a majority of votes among women, latinos, republicans, conservatives and tea party voters, the now seasoned governor sound like a man looking to the future. >> i think every day you do a job like this one makes you a better executive, whether that would apply to me being a better president or not, i just don't know. >> sir. good luck. >> reporter: christie's broad appeal earned him praise from outgoing new york city mayor michael bloomberg, an independent. >> the lesson for this whole country, whether christie or mcauliffe, both were centralists, they could work across the aisle. >> reporter: not everyone is ready to embrace him as the face of the gop. tea party favorite rand paul seemed to take a swipe at him on spending federal dollars for the superstorm sandy ads. >> people running for offi
linger from the wintry storm that complicated travel for millions and millions of americans. we don't have the radar here, but take my word for it. it has made a mess of the roads, especially with lake-effect snow in michigan. there were a lot of delays, some cancellations, but most people were able to make it home for the holiday. our margaret connolly is joining us from new york city this morning with more. good morning, margaret. >> reporter: good morning, join. it could have been a lot worse. over 40 million americans are traveling for the holiday. i was at laguardia yesterday. they were prepared for rain and crowds, but overall things went better than expected. you can call it the collective sigh of relief heard up and down the east coast as millions of americans raced through crowds, rain and snow to get to their loved ones in time for the holidays. there were some inconveniences, but no major delays across the country. airports like laguardia, new york city pulled out all the stops to help keep travelers' spirits high and relieve stress. >> i just missed my connection to alba
're lucky. this guy decided he didn't want to shoot anybody. was he look for a specific target? i don't know. they record a letter that he allegedly wrote. >> maybe he was looking for someone in particular. >> right. didn't find that person. all right, decided to leave -- thank god he didn't want to shoot the place up and kill innocent people. >> harry, thank you for the perspective. it's true, we are seeing more of them. i hope we're learning lessons about how to keep ourselves safer when they do happen. >>> this breaking situation in colorado, a tense standoff between police and two other people ended just an hour ago. they were believed to have been armed. they broke into a school. anna cabrera is in denver and with us on the phone. a lot of details coming out. what's the latest you know? >> we do know the two suspects they have in custody, arrested just within the last hour are a 15-year-old and 16-year-old boy. two boys who police say broke into the school shortly after 10:00 last night denver time and they were carrying what appeared to be rifles. that was according to employees who ca
: it's not jest republicans who are giving the october enrollment period a thumbs down. >> i don't think anyone is satisfied. the promise of the affordable care act is worth fighting for. >> reporter: of the roughly 100,000, less than one quarter did so on the federal marketplace on the troubled healthcare.gov website. >> we have every reason to expect more people will enroll. >> reporter: a website embattled health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius claims is now improving daily. >> first of all, i'd say, it is running right now, every day people are coming through, every day people are getting enrolled. >> reporter: mark your calendars for november 30th. the white house says it will be working for, quote, the vast majority of users by the end of the month. >> it is our conviction that we can, with the fixes being implemented reach that goal by november 30th. >> reporter: the administration is under pressure to work fast. a bill by mary landrieu would allow americans to keep their insurance plans, an idea they worry could undermine the whole program. >> does anybody
approve of the job he's doing. what's worse, 52% say they don't think the president is honest and trustworthy. his lowest numbers never that poll in both categories. >> he is angry. is he right to be angry. he was not well served by his colleagues in the administration. >> reporter: former administration official larry summers told cnn's erin burnett, the president and white house have learned important obama care lessons the hard way. >> you need experts. you need to trust but even more, you need to verify. you can't go rushing the schedule when you get behind or you end up making more errors. >> reporter: on another front, the white house was resisting the idea of allowing its chief technology officer, todd park, to appear before the house oversight committee later this morning. park is working to fix the bug-riddled obama care website but late last night, the white house decided not to defy that congressional subpoena. they will allow park to testify later this morning. the website by the way is not going to work at full capacity at the end of the month. a white house offic
just don't think things like this will happen. you just don't think -- >> reporter: there are incredible stories of survival. >> oh, my god! >> chris lancaster kept filming while this tornado destroyed his house. packing winds as high as 190 miles an hour. >> i got hit by debris or something, cut my eye in three places. >> reporter: this 78-year-old woman escaped the same tornado with a broken nose. >> debris started flying. >> reporter: her home reduced to rubble. >> hot water heater, the copper pipes, those parts were all on me. >> reporter: yesterday we brought you the story of steve. he and his wife miraculously survived in their basement hallway. >> i was down an she was lower like here. >> reporter: when they surfaced their brick home was destroyed and cars thrown across the street. >> the only important thing i had in this house walked out of it with me. >> reporter: what was that? >> my wife. >> reporter: thousands left combing through the piles of debris searching for whatever they could salvage. >> the video of my wedding. >> reporter: i want to give persp
to do. is the help there, though? >> yes and no. hipaa laws don't allow a mental health professional to communicate with a family. if you want to convey something to a doctor, hipaa says we have to respect the patient. that's letting the illness run the situation. it's similar when you don't empower parents. these are two pillars, the notification issue as well as a commitment issue. we don't have to throw money at a problem. i want to briefly say to look out on the horizon, congressman tim murphy of pennsylvania has been working for months on legislation that can optimize the mental health system. this is an area that's under discussion as well as creating enough beds. because, again, not for nothing. if you get sent to an emergency room and you're felt to be emergent enough to be held, what is it with a four-hour period of discharge? if you were dangerous in three hours, why would you not be dangerous at five. >> and the fact that there's not a bed doesn't seem like an okay answer. >> exactly. >> are you being optimistic about the horizon of change. you get 72 hours. i can come in,
for the light showers. you may complain it's raining. don't. at least it's still warm. it's what happens behind the rain. this is sunday. i'mup ing you way ahead, guys, i'm talking about highs in the 20s and 30s when the rain goes away. i've never had a smile so big as i will see the rain on saturday. the best it gets. >> thanks, indra. >>> coming up next on "new day," a deal may be near. nuclear talks with iran picking up steam. could an agreement be in place by this time tomorrow? >>> plus, an 85-year-old veteran from california detained in north korea for nearly a month. did his service in the korean war trigger his arrest? is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. you'll never believe they're light. (knochello? hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. that's hilarious. sorry. you shoul
don't know, 3 to 4 inches of snow. a lot of snow that fell. and when you look out at the roads, that's the big concern. the type of snow we're looking at, it's sort of a wet heavy they can snow. slushy on the roads. however, we have seen the plows out, the city of buffalo has anywhere from 25 to 30 plows, they are making sure the roads are clear and safe for travel. and that's the thing. especially for people who are not accustomed to this weather who may be traveling through the region. >> all right, george, thanks so much. keep an eye on it. and if you're traveling by air, many of you are seeing us in the airport right now, you probably already know this. brace yourself. flights are already being canceled because of the weather. and the dominos could start falling if more flights are grounded at major hubs in new york and philadelphia. take a look at all of the flights in the air right now. more than 3,000 planes over the united states. but so far, more than 100 flights are canceled and that number expected to get worse as the morning progresses. rene marsh is at reagan national ai
a dustpan, i personified it there. >> is that don corleone? >> i don't know what happened. >> we will work on our alligator voices here as we get to karen mcginnis with the forecast. >> good morning, chris, kate. yes, a very cold start to the day in the northeast in new england. temperatures only in the 20s and 30s. it should be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than that. there are now freeze warnings for portions of maryland, extending to new york, where temperatures are exceptionally cool this time of year. it should be about 40 degrees. >> that will be about the day time high. 47 for new york city a. nice warming trend. as we go towards the latter portion of the workweek, it is going to be increase theingly cloudy. another weather system that will sweep across the mid-west with some snow is going to make it across northeastern new england. we will modify it a bit. take a look at this, sr 520. a swimming bridge from seattle to redmond. this was swaying about 5 feet or so. the winds were gusting to 50 miles an hour. people were terrified on the bridge with the high waves and the high winds, about 5
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